“There is a deep want in me for giving and an immense guilt I feel when I must force myself to stop. I’m always stuck trying to find a balance between those who could care less and those who just need to be cherished regardless if they give back to me. I never want to give something genuine and expect anything in return. To me it ceases to be a gift. But the pragmatic side of me bows my head in disappointment sometimes in the realization I must not matter to them. Can you sustain an open heart and giving spirit like altruism? Or does everything rely on a system of exchange? It really has been a life long dilemma”. ♡
Always a struggle…the one thing I have remembered from my Father…don’t do anything expecting something in return….if you give, give from your goodness and your heart…but never expect something back….
and sometime’s it’s hard not too…I guess it’s just part of being human and growing….always growing.



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