Sometimes I’m reminded of my place in life…..well, especially in the life of the people we know. The people we love, and the people we think love us.

Today….I will start treating people like they treat me! Seems only fair.
With indifference and certainly with a lack of consideration!



Another Year!

It’s not a bad thing being 63….I feel the same way I did yesterday! But ask me that a year from today….

I don’t mind birthdays, I just wish they didn’t get here, so quick!
Life is suppose to slow down at some point….or so I heard…..when you get old, when you retire, when the kids are all gone…but it just doesn’t seem like it does….it moves a little faster and in those quiet moments when no ones around and no ones listening, I sit and contemplate my existence…and count my blessings, one more day, one more memory, one more hug, one more kiss….the sweet words of being told your loved and cared for…the little arms of hugs and the arms of of the people who love me, the ones I love. All tightly squeezing and caring around your neck become more precious and inviting….

The shared memories with friends, and family…
The everyday tasks and the continued gifts of sights and sounds, smells and touch..
The world lives at your fingertips…..a slight caresses, a beautiful rose from my garden, the striking red colors of cardinals flying about….a beautiful sunset in the horizon, like a painting, as the evening sets and night takes hold of your hand and gently sits with you in slumber…dreams of faraway places, people you’ve loved and love…all waking you up to greet another day….another sunrise.

It’s a beautiful October day…..the spirit of my parents, my sister take an extra tight hold of my heart and soul this days….fond and joyful memories…smiles and caring words…they filter softly and gently thru the breeze, touching my heart….how I miss them so…but they live in my memory…they live in each of us who carry their blood and DNA…always here…Always!

I’ve had a wonderful morning….in the presence of God…with the the man I love most in this world. In the good things that have helped shape me into the woman I am today…even the negative, even the unkind people have helped. Tall the things to give us courage, help us to love harder, be more appreciative of the blessings we have, of life!

It’s a good day to be alive!!!


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