Music is the voice that brings people together! There’s all kinds of studies showing what music does to the human spirit, the mind.
I love music! From the memories of my parents singing at home. To my Moms screechy voice singing responsorial psalms at church to praises in song to The Blessed Mother. My moms radio playing Mexican ranchera music or in the evening listening to the big Mexican radio stations broadcasting music into Texas airwaves!

In high-school I was in the Choir, Mrs. Reagan…bless her heart. She let me stay, though I was always out of tune!

Music has lighten my heart in times of pain, made me angry listening about cheating men and women…and made me laugh at the gift of watching people two-stepping to a great country tune, or a beautiful waltz.

At one time I learned a few cords on a guitar but not having a guitar, it never went anywhere! Latter, somebody brought home a guitar and it’s set around collecting dust. I got strings and restrung it and tried my hand at it, but again, it went nowhere!
A year or two ago I saw a website and read that a ukulele was the easiest instrument to play. So the thought rolled around in the head. Whenever I could I’d go back and check it out and I even looked around for a Uk. But again it went nowhere. Until a few months ago I decided I was getting old! I needed to learn to play an instrument, at least one song…so when my fingers no longer worked or I can’t here or see, I can have a memory and the satisfaction to have been musically inclined for a little while!

This ukulele is different, just like me!
It’s got the music hole on the side, it’s a beautiful light wood! And there’s something extraordinarily special about it. I can’t share that today..
Like a window to our soul, our eyes see so much, good bad, ugly. Beautiful.

Our ears let us hear the rustle of leaves as the winds picks them up and sends them flying. We hear the sound of falling rain, the loud explosions of fireworks, or the loud explosions of bombs and gunfire In The distance.
We hear the voices and laughter of those we love and care about. The whispered words of sweet-nothings in the darkness as we give into each others love and longings. We hear the voice of anger or encouragement and the voices when we lift our sorrows and sufferings up in prayer!

Music, it moves our soul, our spirit. It touches our hearts and calms our weary mind!

From Vivaldi to Elvis to Kiss. Our senses are moved by a beat, a rhythm, a word, the sounds escaping instruments in the hands of gifted musicians, singers and even not so gifted.

Music, the prayer God loves the most!



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