Politics, everyone’s got an opinion…..like armchair quarter backs we play politicians at home…
if they did this, or that…if we nuked that country….took the money away from this country….our
opinions are as varied as the people who populate this land…
All manner of calamities are happening around the world and in our own backyards…
I’ve been a conservative since Ronald Reagan….on an assignment from our college professor, we
got in a group and researched both parties and people who were running at the time…I was already
leaning conservative, but…Hispanics voted Democrats…it was treasonous to change…and like
most things In my life, I decided that my voice was my voice and my vote was my vote and I didn’t
have to follow the crowd….always remembering my Dad…question everything…question everyone
that wants power over you….if they promise something, find out what you have to give up….so
I cast my vote for the next president of the united states, Ronald Reagan and I’ve been voting Republican
since then….

I watched a little of the presidents speech on the news…but because I dislike the man immensely, I waited
till someone wrote it down….and then I found the article which made made me want to write this….
I think we’re are all feeling frustrated and we don’t quite know exactly where to go…both parties
have failed us…and both parties are responsible for most of what’s happening in this country…but
the people most responsible are US….We keep sending these jackasses back to D.C. time after time…
It’s time we stopped that we sent principled men, if there are any left…men who believe in the
Constitution…who will vote for the people but not for some special interest…of course that’s a fantasy…
and I already have too many of those….

12:27am ·

If he hated this country so fucking much, hated all that we are, all that we stand for, then why swear, take an oath you didn’t believe, had no intention of following…
Doesn’t he realize that the very people that voted for him, put their trust in him, are the people most hurt by his policies, or lack of.
Fundamentally transforming America, sure…we got it, well, some of us did. Policies that hurt the poor, the working poor, policies that hurt minorities, especially African American kids, Hispanic kids.
The middle class, the thread that holds the country together is unraveling. People losing jobs. Time after time. He has pondered to the middle class, saying, I’m going, doing everything to protect the middle class. He’s done very little

At a time when he should be our cheerleader, he tears us apart. Instead of showing confidence and trust in America, he berates and belittles us!
“You didn’t build that”…if you run a small business, own a small business, have a couple of employees, do everything to be successful, do well by your employees, and you hear the president telling you this, what do you think, what do you do? Why bother, you could have added another job or two, but here’s some guy who’s never run a business, never even really worked in the private sector, telling you, you didn’t build that business, you make too much money, you need to be regulated even more and while I’m at it, let me read your emails, listen in on your phone conversations and if you speak out against me, let me stick the power of the IRS, the justice department, the EPA against you! The big hand of government to intimidate you!

He turns, or better yet, uses, race, class warfare against the citizens, pitting groups against another, races, gender….he ferments division! And smirks while doing it. He’s the big bully in the playground!
The world slides into hell and he plays golf, does fundraising, gives speeches, wags he’s skinny finger in your nose and smirks, he is indifferent to the sufferings of Americans, persecuted people around the globe. He doesn’t really care!
Unless there’s an election to win!

Maybe some people are happy with this, maybe it’s what they’ve wanted, but in destroying the rich, the big companies, you are destroying the everyday American who’s got a family a mortgage, a few bills, a family who struggles to give their kids a better life, a college education. You destroy the working opportunities for a single mom, a struggling senior, a person on their way up. Everyone, everyone suffers. Spreading that wealth around and eating the rich isn’t just destroying those very evil capitalist, it’s bringing down everyone else too. Maybe people think the government can better take care of us all…..right!

We aren’t perfect, not country, nor as individuals, we are all flawed, only because we are humans. But, when a natural disaster strikes, we band together, we pull up our sleeves, and we help each other out. The government can’t do that, never had, never will be able too
All that the government can do is make things worse….they have their place, but it is not in the everyday life’s of every American….remember why you moved out and left your parents!

It’s hard to be a successful kid, when you dad’s always harping on your ass! When he tells you your worthless, useless and a damn failure!
When he looks at you straight in the eye, wags his ski by finger at you and tells you, without me, you’d be shit! And then he decides to go and tell the world, what a worthless bastard you are!

That is what our president does! And he enjoys it! Gets a sense of superiority, a hard_on! It’s a poweful drug to belittle and destroy the people that you swore to protect and defend…and you never meant a single word! Never! —

via DW Ulsterman
He Did It AGAIN -Obama Apologizes For America To Roomful Of Dictators And Thugs (VIDEO)
Good God this man has no business representing our country.


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