Prison Stripes

Surrounded by invisible walls…Prisoners of our own-making.
Maybe, just maybe, sometimes, it’s better to be sit behind the walls then
to step out into the world…after all what does the world offer?
Disappointment, lies, heartbreak, betrayal, temptations….
Would it be better to hide behind those walls we build…to not
ever know love, to not experience happiness…or, are those illusionary
things, just another fantasy…another lie, a lie so easily spoken, like
a breath we take, we say words we do not mean…
Imaginary imaginary lifes, fantasies that weave thru our
head, but end up being empty promises, or promises never made,
but insinuated….

Life is bittersweet, even in all it’s beauty, it gives and cruelly takes
away..snatching those we love, those we give our hearts too…
it takes in death, it takes it in lies, in words that were never meant,
in acts that were never felt…
Would it be better to fall asleep and dream forever…sweet
dreams of lovers arms, and magical sunsets, of things that
never were, illusions contrived…Would it be better to sleep


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