I took a walk around the square this evening. My form of exercise! There was a beautiful sunset, not the orange and red hues we’re accustomed too, or maybe that came latter, after I got home, but what I saw was pretty spectacular!

It was a kind of a cloudy evening, rain clouds to the north and west and peeking threw all this were rays of sunshine, clouds in different hues of blue. There was a even the slightest little strip of baby blue, that made me smile! Dark blue to black clouds, gray clouds, white ones too. And that little strip of baby blue!
Different shapes, like an angry artist had thrown buckets of whatever paint was closest to him! Just flung them across this little section of the sky to produce this beautiful scene.
The rays of sunlight streaming from the high heavens to give the artist light.

As I walked further toward the square, looking at the opening in this formation I kept waiting for the return of Jesus! My vivid imagination, Jesus in eye blaring white, descending from the heavens! I laughed and thought, God must be laughing at me right about now!
Did you know, that at one time, there was this big discussion among theologians on whether Christ ever laughed! I read that somewhere, don’t know if it was true, but it sounds plausible. Men can sometimes come up with the stupidest notions and they think women are weird! HA!
Well, back to the clouds, there was no Jesus…so then I thought, maybe a spaceship! Why not? It’s my imagination, my story!

It was a lovely sunset, gave me time to think of my sister. Wondering if she could see me walking? Does God allow a soul to peer thru a window into the life and people it left behind? I don’t know, no one else does either. I would on occasions of my walks to the square would call Polly to see what she was doing, latter, to see how she was doing. We would plan our next lunch or shopping expedition. And for a split second, I thought about calling her, and then I remembered, I couldn’t.

We take so many things for granted. Sunsets, people. I thought of the few times Polly felt like she was all alone, people wouldn’t call or visit, and she write about it and post to her wall. I was one of those people. I have this thing, I hate bothering people. And I hated bothering her, especially on the week of chemo when she felt horrible. Of course, rarely did she complain, she took your call and talked or listened and after a while you I could here in her voice how tired she was, and I’d say goodbye and I love you.

We do take life for granted! It’s a gift, a once in a lifetime gift. Like the sunsets. Tomorrow, a more beautiful sunset could happen, and I can ooh and ahhh. But those sunsets end when we take our lady breath. The people we love, the people we dislike, maybe even hate, the best of our friends, our family, the few we love and give our hearts too, their life’s like a beautiful sunset fades slowly into the horizon, leaving memories, wonderful loving memories.

People miss you Polly Herrera, I miss you! I love you sister! I hope there are sunsets in heaven! And if there’s a window from which you can see us, wave at me sometimes! So I know your there, cause it sure is empty here without you!



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